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Residential Cleaning

Cleaning an entire home can be tiring, we're here to give you that extra time to get work done or enjoy your favorite hobby while we clean your home or apartment. We vacuum carpets, dust ceiling fans, clean shelves, remove spiderwebs, vacuum in and around furniture, and last but not least empty your trash.

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The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the home, prone to getting dirty a lot faster than any room. We will clean your refrigerator all the way down to your oven and make your kitchen feel like new.


Bathrooms are one of the least favorite areas to clean because they need frequent attention due to constant traffic. We will make your sink, shower, tile floor, and bath tub spotless. 


Your bedroom is the place where you can take a load off at the end of the day and it deserves to be clean and spotless made for a king or queen. We will clean those hard to get areas such as in and around blinds, dusting around and under bedroom furniture, and we'll be sure to vacuum your carpet and rugs to perfection.



When it comes to your business which is your bread and butter, appearances matter. A well cleaned office not only epitomizes  the professionalism of your company, but also creates a work atmosphere that your employees can enjoy to help them be at their best. That’s why Maid To GO works closely with you to develop a cleaning program that is customized to your office space and proactively suggests changes that could improve building cleanliness and protect your investment while working within your budget. 

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Additional Information

We provide the best and top quality before and after event and party cleaning services for your next occasion. Whether it’s a movie screening, a birthday party, a wedding, a Baby shower or a large family gathering our professional cleaners are ready to take on your next cleaning challenge. We also do retirement parties, networking events as well as business conferences.

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